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What is PCC and MCC panel?

If you are working in the industry, then you must have heard the name of PCC and MCC panels. Some people have a lot of confusion in them. But in today’s post, we will know all the questions related to PCC and MCC panel very well.

So let us first know what are PCC and MCC panels, because it’s very important to know about PCC and MCC before understand the difference between PCC and MCC.

What are MCC and PCC?

Friends, first we should understand the full form of PCC and MCC so we can understand them very easily.

MCC: Motor Control Centre

PCC: Power Control Centre

After knowing the full form, many doubts remain in our mind. Because many times we call the main panel a PCC panel. And in many places, the panel after the LT panel is called the PCC panel.

So many people confuse about what is PCC panel. Do let’s talk about where we use PCC and MCC.

Where are PCC and MCC used?

Let’s take an example to understand the use of PCC and MCC. For example: in our industry, first, we have a transformer from which the supply is coming. Now we send that supply inside the main panel.MPDB-in-industries

Friends, this main panel is called MPDB (Main panel distribution board) in the industry. But you have to remember one thing, in many industries, it is not always called MPDB. It is also called PDB (Power Distribution Board). And some times, It is also called PCC in many industries.MPDB

But you have to remember that this is the main panel of our industry. Because the direct supply from the transformer goes to this panel. Then there is further distribution throughout the industry. So that’s why you must remember that this panel name is MPDB (Main panel Distribution Board).

Now friends, if you look carefully inside MPDB, you see many small sections. These small sections are called feeders. With the help of these feeders, we send the supplies to different places in the company.MPDB-panel

Friends, if we want, we can add another panel by taking supplies from MPDB. We have many panels like PCC and MCC, so if we want, we can connect them by taking supplies from MPDB.

So, now we understand where PCC and MCC are connected. And what is the difference between PCC and MCC panels?

What is the Difference between PCC and MCC panels?

Friends PCC and MCC panels may be similar in appearance, but there is a lot of difference in their output.

Most motor starters, such as star-delta starters, are all connected to the MCC panel. The MCC panel is specifically designed for the operation of motors only. Whenever you go to the MCC panel and look at the feeder, the supply goes to the motor or the motor starter, which are connected near the motor.


Now you must have understood what the work of the MCC panel is. It’s used to supply the motor. You have to note that sometimes we provide supply motors directly from MPDB because the supply is the same.

But there are many motors installed in our industry. So to easily control all these motors, we make a separate panel, because the motor is the most used in the industry. We go directly to the same panel whenever we want to operate any motor.

The same if we talk about the PCC panel being designed to supply power. There are many things in the industry other than the motor, such as a vacuum cleaner, compressor, or maybe an EOT crane, then we use PCC panels to supply these machines.


Friends, now in the last, we see the summary of the post in one line:

MCC panel is used to send power to the motor or send power to the motor starter. And we use the PCC panel to send power to all the machines in our industry.

We hope that, friends that all your doubts are clear about PCC and MCC. If any question is left, you can comment below or send the inquiry to us on Instagram Electrical Dost.”

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