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What is Current & Signal? Also Their Difference

Hello Friends, This post is important because many people are confused about current and signal, so Today, we will discuss what is current and signal. We will also discuss that what is difference between current and signal.

What is Current?

Friends, we can understand about current with the help of this example:

Example: Assume that we have a small wire. In a small wire, there are crores of electrons present. These electrons can move freely in the wire.

What is Current

When we apply voltage to this wire, then these electrons feel a force. Due to this force, electrons move in the direction of the force. These all electrons move in the same direction. The flow of electrons in the wire is called the flow of current.

If the “what is current” question is asked in the interview, you can say, ” Current is the speed at which electrons flow in the wire.

Friends, now we have understood what is current. So next, let’s know what the signal is?

What is a Signal?

Friends signal is an English word. Signal job is to share any information.
If we understand signal in easy terms: when we have to share any information, we do it with the help of a signal.

For example: If you are going on a road and you see red, green, or yellow light. So it is giving us some signal. Red light gives us a signal that we have to stop our car. Green light means that we have to keep moving forward. The red and green lights provide information from the signal whether a vehicle is coming from ahead or not and when we should stop.

What is Signal

Friends, if you want to understand the signal in a line, you can say that the signal transmits any information from one place to another. Signals can be given in many ways. As we have seen in the above example, we are giving signals with the help of different lights.

Similarly, we can also give signals with the help of gestures mean signs. For example, many times, instead of a traffic light, a policeman gives a signal with his hand to manage traffic.

What is Signal

Voice signals are similar in that we share any information by voice.

Now, if we talk about the electrical signal, then in the electrical signal, we are sharing information with the help of voltage or current. Apart from this, another signal is the radio signal.

A simple example of a radio signal is our mobile phone. When we are talking on the phone, the information or voice we are talking about at that time is transferred from our mobile phone to the tower. This information is transmitted wirelessly through radio signals. This information is moved inside the radio signal with the help of electrical and magnetic fields.

mobile signal

Friends, you should not get confused about radio signal and electrical signal, so let’s see the difference between the radio signal and electrical signal; After that, we can better understand the difference between current and signal.

What is the difference between a Radio signal and electrical signal?

There are two main differences between a radio signal and an electrical signal.

  1. Electrical signal flows in a wire. Our voltage and the current flow inside this wire. Whereas radio signal is wireless flow without wire.

difference between Radio signal and electrical signal

  1. Our information inside the electrical signal is happening with the help of voltage and current. Still, inside the radio signal, the data is done with the help of electrical and magnetic fields.

If we talk about the example of an electrical signal, then our equipment like computers, TV, and PLC is working on all these electrical signals. And radio signal as if the voice is being transferred from our mobile without wire then it is from radio signal itself.

What is Difference between current and signal?

Friends current means the flow of electrons. Mean when electrons flow through a wire that is current flow. The unit of current is ampere. If 6.25*10^18 electrons pass through a wire within one second, then 1-ampere current flow through that wire.

Difference between current and signal

The same if we talk about the signal, then the work of the signal is to transfer any information. Mean signal transmits any information from one place to another.

Difference between current and signal

For example, from mobile with the help of a radio signal, we can transmit any information from one place to another without using any wire.

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