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What are the types of Electrical wiring?

Today’s post will be very important because we will talk about the wiring inside this post. This post will be very important for the electrician because every time in the electrician interview, most of the questions asked are related to wiring. In all these questions, mostly question comes that how many types of wiring are there.

Friends, with the type of wiring, we all should know which factor should consider while wiring. So before knowing the type of wiring, let’s understand these factors one by one.

Which Factor should be considered before doing Wiring?

  1. Durability: During wiring, First of all we look at its durability. Durability means that where we have done the wiring, can that wiring easily carry the load of that place. It should not happen that as we connect load, our wiring gets burnt or damaged. Therefore, we need to care about durability while doing the wiring.

Durability of wire

2. Safety: Friends, safety is also important while wiring. We should ensure that no person will get an electrical shock and our current does not leak due to rain or moisture. All these things should be take care mainly while wiring.

safety in wiring

3. Appearance: It means that the wiring we have done and how it looks. We should make sure that it does not look dirty too much. If we do not give proper finishing to the wiring, then it will spoil our whole look, so Appearance also becomes an important factor while wiring.

Appearance of wiring

4. Cost: Friends, the next important factor comes that is costing. The wiring we did was not very expensive. Somewhere our wiring is not getting costlier than any other wiring. So we need to take care of the cost while wiring.

costing of wiring

5. Accessibility: Friends, while doing the wiring, it is to be kept in mind that we can easily access the plugs and sockets that we will connect with the wiring. Make sure that our plug is not on Hight, or it is not in such a place where we could not use them. Also, friends if we want to change the location of the socket in future, then we can easily change them or not.

Accessibility of wiring

6. Maintenance:  Last is maintenance. Many things come under the maintenance cost, such repair our damaged winding or can we change wiring if it becomes older. It is not costly to repair it. These things to keep in mind while wiring.

Maintenance of wiring

So friends, the factors that we have seen above are very important. It is very important to keep all these factors in mind while wiring. Now we go to our main question, how many types of wiring are there.

What are the types of wiring?

Friends, our wiring have four main types.

  1. cleat wiring
  2. batten wiring
  3. conduit wiring
  4. casing capping wiring

Cleat wiring:

Friends, if we talk about cleat-wiring, then you can say it temporary use wiring. We can do cleat-wiring very easily, and we can do it at a very low cost. We use a cleat inside cleat-wiring. As you can see in the photo below.

Cleat wiring

We can hang the cleat anywhere on the wall. This cleat has a unique structure. We can fit wire inside this cleat. After which we close this cleat. After closing this cleat, the wire locks completely. We put cleats at a distance of 60-60 cm. In this way, we do our clean wiring.

Advantages and Disadvantages of cleat wiring?

S.NOAdvantage Disadvantage
1Cleat-wiring is used as temporary wiring. Like in Fair, weddings, etc.The cleat-wiring looks are not good.

Cleat wiring is very easy and very cheap in cost.

Cleat wiring can’t use permanently because it becomes loose or sag can come after some time.
3in Cleat wiring wires are open so if fault occurs, we can easily clear fault.Due to open wire, fire can also occurs.


Batten Wiring:

Friends, baton-wiring is the old type of wiring. When our conduit and capping wiring was not discovered at that time, we use batten wiring. Friends, wherever we have to do wiring, we put a wooden stick at that place. Now on that wooded stick, we fix or lock our wire with the help of a pin so that the wire does not come out. As you can see in the photo below.

Batten Wiring

Advantages and Disadvantages of Batten wiring?

1Batten wiring is very easy and cheap as compare to the conduit or capping wiring.Batten wiring can’t use in industries or in low humidity area because they can react with chemical.
2Batten wiring is cheaper then other winding.In Batten wiring fire can occurs because it is done on wooden which caught fire very fast
3Batten wiring is strong and have a long life.we can’t use heavy and thick wire in Batten wiring.


Conduit wiring: Friends inside conduit-wiring, we use pipes to do the wiring. You must have seen many times in your homes or wherever a new house is being built that plastic pipes are installed inside the walls for wiring. Friends, the wiring in which we use such pipe, we call it conduit-wiring. we use two types of pipes.

  1. PVC
  2. Steel

Friends, most of us use PVC pipe only because steel is very expensive. But many people use steel in some place but PVC pipe used at rest places. For example, we take steel pipes in our roofs and use PVC pipes on the walls. There are three types of conduit-wiring. It is important for you to know about these three because today, conduit-wiring is used a lot.

  1. Surface conduit wiring
  2. Concealed conduit  wiring
  3. Semi concealed conduit  wiring

Surface conduit: Friends, you must have seen in the villages or any old houses that we put our pipes directly on the wall and fix them with clips so that the pipe can’t move here and there.

Surface conduit

Concealed conduit  wiring: In this wiring, we put the pipe inside the wall or press it inside the ceiling and pack it from above.

Concealed conduit  wiring

Semi concealed conduit wiring: In this we put the pipe inside the RCC but take out the pipe above the walls. Meaning that at the beginning place, we kept the pipe inside and kept it outside.

Advantages and Disadvantages of conduit wiring

S.NOAdvantage Disadvantage
1conduit wiring is safe because there is no effect of chemicals and atmosphere.Conduit wiring is expensive.
2There is no danger of shock in conduit wiringWe can’t change location of the socket in conduit wiring.
3conduit wiring does not damage very easily.conduit wiring is very hard and complex.
4In conduit wiring very easy to replace with new write.Its very hard to find fault in conduit wiring.
5conduit wiring have a good look as compare to other winding.We can’t expend or change in path of wiring.


Casing and capping wiring: In this wiring we have two things one is capping and one is casing. Casing such as drain. And capping happens. First of all, we put our pipe inside the casing, then cover it from above.

Casing and capping wiring

Advantages and Disadvantages of casing and capping wiring

S.NOAdvantage Disadvantage
1As compare to the batten and cleat wiring it’s look is good.There is chance of fire in the capping-casing
2The life of the capping-casing wiring is approximate 20 years.capping-casing is expensive as compare to the batten and cleat wiring.
3This wiring can easily done as compare to the conduit wiring.Look of capping-casing wiring is not good as conduit wiring.


We have discuss all the important types of wiring. We hope that you understand. If still any doubt or question remains then feel free to ask in comment section or you can ask this question on InstagramElectrical Dost”

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