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What are the types of Fan?

Hello Friends, in this post we are going to discuss Types of fans and we will discuss suitable location of all fans. This question is important because it is asked many times in interviews so Lets start and see the answer.

Ceiling fans :

Friends, you have seen These fans in your home. This fan is hanged on the roof. Due to less price, it can be seen in almost every home. There are different types of ceiling fan like: 2 blade, 3 blade, 4 blade, 5 blade ceiling fans.

all type of celling fansFriends, if we use high blades in fan, then they reduce speed of the fan. Like if we talk about 5blade fan then its speed is less then 3blade fan. 5 blade fan is used for the spared air in the room. This is used where the air conditioner is already installed, or atmosphere is cool. so it spread cool air in the whole room.

Where 3 blade fans are used for taking air purpose where atmosphere is hot. like in India mostly three blades fan are used.

Table Fan :

table fan

These fans are small in size and can be used by just putting them on table. These are mainly used where less air is required. These are small in size so that we can move them anywhere in the house. These consume significantly less power but can give perspective only one person or two-person.

Pedestal Fan :

pedestal-fanThese fans are put on a rod-stand. These are also available in 2blade, 3blade , and 4blade. We can change Hight of these fan and can move anywhere. These have high rotating speed. These fans cover less area, and we can remove to store after use.

Exhaust Fan :

exhaust-fanThese fans are mostly used in kitchen or bathroom. As its name suggest it expels air from bathroom or kitchen. These fans are not used for give air. These fan have very small size. We make a small hole or window on top of room for install exhaust fan because we all know that hot gases go upside so we make a hole on top of the room.

Wall-Mounted Fan :

wall-mounted-fan These fan are mostly used in office or receptions. These fans are hanged on the wall and rotate continually to give air to everyone present in receptions. It can be locked to give air for a particular area, and it will not rotate. You can see a string hanging with this fan. This string is used to control it’s speed.

Tower Fans :

tower fansAs its name suggest that these are tall fans. These have a rotor that rotate without blade. Basically main purpose of these  fan is purify air. These fan are also movable. These fans don’t need more space. They can give cold air without having blades. These are little expensive.

Misting Fan :

misting-fanwhen you don’t have budget of ac, then you can use misting fan. These fans are similar to table fan or wall-mounted fan, but main point of these fans is that a thin water pipe is connected to it, which help to give cool air. These fan can  used outside where area is open and they can give cool air.

Industrial Fan : 

Industrial-fan These fan are large in size. As their name suggest these fans are used in the industries. These fans have high rotating speed and more noisy. These are installed on roof, wall and Which fan are very big they have their stand. These are used to give air for a wide area. These fan are stronger and large in size and also use more power consumption.

So friends i hope you got all of answers related to high voltages transmission. but still any question left then you can tell us in the comment section. If you want to videos related to electrical engineering then you can Click Here to visit our channel.

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