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What is Difference in Torque and RPM?

Hello Friends, in this post, we will discuss what is RPM and Torque and what is the difference between them.

Friends, when we talk about a motor then we listen terms like RPM and Torque. First, we will see that what is RPM and Torque then we will see the difference between them, so lets start without wasting time.

What is RPM?

Everyone know that what RPM is. But we will take a look at basic and simple concept of RPM. RPM means Rotation Per Minute or Revolutions Per Minute.

In the case of motor or in case of bike, there is the different mean of RPM. First, we will know what is mean of RPM in Motor.

Meaning of RPM in Motor?

Suppose we have a motor. We are giving supply to the motor, and then rotor starts rotating. Now, this rotor is rotating, then number of rotations in one minute. Means how much rotation is completed in one minute is RPM of the motor.

If a motor can rotates only one time in a minute, then we will call that RPM of motor is one. If motor is rotating two times in a motor, then motor has two RPM. Motor has very high RPM like 1000-20000 RPM.

Now, if we talk about the Bike or car RPM. It’s very important to understand because most of the people think that bike RPM is how much time Tyre of bike is rotating. But this is wrong that is not RPM of the bike.

Bike’s RPM is given by number of rotation of the engine of bike. We calculate RPM by how much time Bike engine rotates in one minute.

In some Bike or cars there is a meter that tells us the RPM of engine.

So don’t confuse in the RPM of the bike. Hope friends that you got now that what is RPM. But friends, some RPM is called revolution per minute. Friends both are the same so don’t confuse, these both tell us about rotation per minute. Now we are going to see that what is Torque.

What is Torque?

Friends, Torque is very easy to understand, if you want to tell the answer in just one word, then you can say that torque is our twisting force. By the way, what is the meaning of this twisting force and torque? Now we talk about it well.

Force vs torqueSo when that person puts pressure on this box in the forward direction, due to this, that box moves forwards. This means that our box is moving forward in straight direction and when our box will move in a straight direction, we call it linear motion.

Linear motion means that an object is moving in a straight line, meaning it is moving in a straight line. And you should also know one thing that whenever this type of condition occurs, it means there is a condition of linear motion, then we call there is the force applied.

So friends, now to understand what will happen in the case of torque, let us go back to the earlier example of a box. In that example, the box which was ours going in a straight direction, meaning linear motion, so we called it force.

But in case of fan or motor’s rotor, we apply force then they will start rotating in the direction of pressure, this pressure name as Torque.

You all must have noticed one more thing. Whenever we talk about the engine or any motor, then there we do not talk about force. We do not do this because of our engine or our motor, both of them do the motion, they do it in the rotating direction. So for this reason, we use the word Torque here.

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