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What is TON in AC and how to convert TON to KW?

Hello, friends in this post, we are going to discuss about A.C mean air conditioner. In this post, we will discuss what is mean of TON in the AC and how to convert TON into KWH. So let’s start without wasting time.

To know all these, we should first know the main 2 things related to Physics, after that, it will be very easy for us to understand this post.
physics tell us that these two thing can’t produce or destroyed.

1. Darkness- Friends, now you must be thinking that we can create darkness by turning off the lights but it does not happen. we can creates light anywhere with the help of light source and sun, but in this way we can never create darkness.
2. Cooling- Apart from this, physics tells us that we can never produce coolness.
Now you will say that we can do cooling at any place with the help of fridge and AC, but friends it is not like that at all. AC and Fridge never generates cold.

When we keep any vegetable or fruit in the fridge, it becomes cold, the reason behind this is that the fridge absorbs the heat energy present in our vegetables. And as soon as the heat energy present inside the vegetable is exhausted, in the same way, our vegetables or fruits become cold. And in the same way, AC also works. AC absorbs the heat from our room, and as soon as the heat of the room ends, our room becomes cold.

What is Ton in AC?

Ton is the unit of measurement of mass. Its full form is Tonnage. One TON is equal to 1000 Kg.

To understand what is TON in AC, we should know that in olden times there was no AC. At that time people used to bring a lot of ice to keep their house cool. But after some time, the modern era came, and AC started being used. And 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton such different types of ACs started coming.

Many people understand that 1 Ton AC means that AC will be 1000 Kg, but this is not true. As I just told you that earlier, people use ice for cooling, then on the basis of the same ice, AC started being divided on Ton.

How AC is divided into TON?

its calculation is done as how much heat will absorb by 1000KG ice is equal to heat absorbed by the 1ton A.C

If we talk about how much heat 1000 kg of ice absorb in 1 hour, then its value comes to 12,000 BTU, and the same heat means 12,000 BTU of 1 TON AC will also finish in one hour.

What is BTU?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. As we all know that there is definitely a unit to measure everything. For example, kilogram to measure weight, kilometer to measure distance, in the same way how much heat is changing, its measuring unit is BTU.

How to convert TON into KW?

We can find out with the help of Ton, how much input power means Watt demands to dissipate our Ac heat energy. As I told you that 1 Ton means 12000 BTU. Similarly, if we convert BTU to watt, then 12000 BTU is approximately equal to 3516 watts. Means 1 Ton = 3516 watt.

But now you will say that 3516 (3.51KW) is not written on the nameplate of our 1 TON AC, so what is the reason behind it now? We know that with the help of an example.
Example- Let us suppose that we have a 1.5 Ton Ac. First of all, we have to convert it into watts, then it is quite easy because we know that 1 TON = 3516 watts. That is, 1.5 * 3516 = 5274Watts. Now we will convert it to KW. For this, we will divide 1000 by 5274, and by doing this, we get KW of 1.5 TON AC, which is 5.274KW.

But now, if we look at the nameplate of 1.5 Ton AC, we do not get to see 5.274KW there. The reason behind this is that the KW that we calculate on the nameplate of AC is done according to the cooling capacity. Apart from this, how much input power means watts will be taken by our AC to dissipate the heat, it depends on the star rating of the AC.

The higher the star rating, the less power that AC consumes. Apart from this, this star rating keeps changing every year.

How many star rating AC should you take?

You should always take AC according to your usage. If you use AC less, then you should take AC of low star rating because you get it at a low price.

If you run AC for 6 to 8 hours daily, then 3 to 4 star AC is right for you. It is completely clear that if your AC runs for less than 8 hours a day, then you should not take an AC of more than 4 stars because we know that the cost of AC with more stars is also higher. If we do not run AC much then that AC of high star rating becomes a wrong deal for us.
Because if we bring a star rating AC by paying more money, and we run it very less throughout the day, then we will never be able to save the extra money we gave in the beginning to save electricity bill.

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