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What is difference Between PLC and SCADA?

Hello friends, in today’s post, we will know what is the difference between PLC and SCADA and will also talk about electrical interview questions asked from PLC SCADA.

What is PLC?

PLC in hindiFriends, as it’s name, suggest, we can understand what is PLC. If we talk about the use of PLC, then with the help of PLC, we can program and control any of our equipment.
Example- Suppose I have a bulb, now I want to turn on this bulb for 1 minute, then after closing 10 sec and again turn on for 5 minutes and this process continues whole day. So in this way, the bulb control can be done easily with the help of PLC.

We can control any electrical equipment according to us with the help of PLC, to do this we only have to do programming in the software of PLC, after that the device starts running according to the way we have programmed it.

What is SCADA?

Full form of SCADA is = Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SCADA in hindi
SCADA is used to supervise our equipment.
Example- Suppose there are 3 motors in our company, how long are those three motors running and how much Ampere current they are taking, SCADA takes care of all these things. In the SCADA, name of Data Acquisition means to store the data.

SCADA has two main Functions.
1. First of all, SCADA does the work of monitoring our system. Meaning it monitors all of what is happening inside our company. For example, which motor of our company is running and which is not running, apart from this, how much ampere current is motor taking. We are able to monitor all these things with the help of SCADA.

2. Apart from this, SCADA works to store the data of our system. Example- Suppose if our company has three motors, and we want to know how many hours these three motors have run in the whole day, and which motor has been off for how many hours, then we can easily find out all these points with the help of SCADA. can. So in this way, SCADA also works to store our system’s data.

Difference between SCADA and PLC

Friends, we understand what is SCADA and PLC, now we will understand the difference between PLC and SCADA.1. PLC is a kind of hardware, whereas SCADA is a kind of software which we install in our computer.
2. PLC works to control our devices, meaning with the help of PLC, we can turn on and off our equipment. where SCADA shows the work going on in our company on the computer with the help of animation. As the tank is getting full in the machine or any lift is going up and down, SCADA shows us all these things graphically or in the form of animation.
3. PLC does the work of controlling whatever machine is inside our company, that is when to stop the machine, at what time it has to be started. Whereas with the help of SCADA, we are able to monitor the system as well as store the data, that is, how many hours a machine is running in a whole day and how long it has been closed, we get its history with the help of SCADA.

PLC vs SCADA Interview Question

Friends, now if you go to an electrical interview and there you are asked the difference between SCADA and PLC, then you have to give this answer.

Answer- The full name of PLC is Programmable Logic Controller. It is used to control the machine automatically. All PLCs have a programming software, inside which we program according to how to control the machine, after machine runs and stops according to that program.

The full form of SCADA is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, it is a software that is installed in the computer. With the help of this, it becomes very easy to monitor the machine because SCADA shows us the work going on in the company in animation and graphical form. Apart from this, it also stores the data of our machine.

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