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Difference between Transmission Line and Distribution Line

Hello Friends, in this post, we will discuss transmission and distribution lines. We will also discuss the working of both lines and the difference between the transmission and distribution lines.

What is Transmission Line?

Friends, the transmission line’s basic work is connecting the generating station with the substation. For example, suppose a power plant where electricity is generated.

As we all know, electricity is generated in the power plant on 11 KV. After this, we step up this voltage at power station with the help of a transformer. Now let us assume that we are stepping up this 11 KV to 220 KV. After stepping up the voltage at the generating station, now we use transmission line. This transmission line carries this stepped-up voltage to the substation.

What is Transmission Line

Friends, keep one thing in mind here that till now we have not talked about giving electrical supply to the customer anywhere. We have carried the generated supply to the substation with the help of transmission line. So we understand what is transmission line. Now let’s talk that what is distribution line?

What is Distribution Line? 

Now friends, we are talking about the distribution line. We use this distribution line to distribute the electrical supply to different places.

Mean- As you live in a city, now with the help of power transmission line power come to any substation, but we need electricity in our homes and company, etc. So now the distribution line is responsible for delivering the electrical supply further.

What is Distribution Line in hindi

First, we step down the voltage coming from the substation as per the requirement. After this, we pass this voltage to the customer with the help of distribution line.

Transmission Line and Distribution Line Difference

  • I have told you that the transmission line is used to transfer electrical supply from generating to substation. Where the work of distribution line is to transfer electrical supply from the substation to the customer.
  • The voltage of the transmission line is much higher than distribution line. The reason behind this high voltage, we will know in our next post.

Electric power transmission system

  • 3 wire system is always used in transmission line, meaning neutral is not transferred. But if we talk about the distribution line, then mostly 4 wire system is used in it. In this, we transfer the neutral wire along with all three phases.
  • After this, we can see a difference on the insulation as well. Because the insulation is not used in the transmission line wire, but if we talk about the distribution line, then this wire is coated with insulation.

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