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What is Sensor and types of sensor?

Hello Friends in this post we will talk about what is sensor and what are types of sensors? So let’s first understand what the sensor is then we will see the sensor types.

What is the sensor?

Sensor is an electrical device. Sensors need an electrical supply for the work. With the help of sensor, we get information about things.

Example: Height, weight, distance, temperature, etc.

Types of sensor

  1. Temperature sensor
  2. Infrared sensor
  3. Proximity sensor
  4. Pressure sensor
  5. Level sensor
  6. Smoke and Gas sensor
  7. Ultrasonic sensor

Temperature Sensor:

The temperature sensor is used to measure temperature of any object. For example, if we want to measure the temperature of a glass water, then we use a temperature sensor to measure temperature.


Working of Temperature Sensor

In this sensor, thermistor is used. The temperature sensor is connected with metal. With increased and decreased temperature, metal resistance is changed. SO with change in resistance, we calculate temperature.

Infrared sensor:

This sensor is called IR sensor.


This is an electronic device. This sensor is mainly used for wireless systems and remote control. There are two-part in the IR sensor.

Working of IR sensor

If you see IR sensor, you may see two lights in this sensor. Both have different work.


One of the led is transmitter which sends radiation into the air. Second one is the receiver. When the transmitter sends radiation, then it comes to the receiver. If any object comes between transmitter and receiver, then the receiver cannot receive radiation. So that’s how IR sensor works.

We can’t see these radiations with our eyes.

Proximity sensor:

You may see these sensors in the company.


If you translate proximity, then it means nearby.

Working of Proximity sensor

If any object comes near the proximity sensor, then this sensor gives us information with the help of output.

Example: you may have noticed that whenever we call on the phone, the phone comes near ear, and its screen becomes off. All these are due to the Proximity sensor.

Proximity sensor types

  • Inductive proximity
  • Capacitive proximity
  • Magnetic proximity

Pressure sensor 

pressure sensor is used in many places. We can measure pressure with the help of the pressure sensor.


Example: If you have inserted air in your vehicle tire. In every tire, we need different amount of air. According to need we insert air in tire. That time which sensor tells us pressure of the tire that is a pressure sensor.

Level sensor:

as its name suggest that it tell us level.


Working of Level-sensor

Example: we have a water tank. If we want to check water level without seeing inside that water tank, how much water is left in the tank. This is can use level sensor for measure any level.


We can see another example of the level sensor in our vehicle. We can see how much fuel is left in the fuel tank in meter.

level sensor types

  • Point level
  • Continues level

Smoke and Gas sensor:

Gas sensor is also called MQ2 sensor. This can sense gases and after sensing it inform us.


Gases like: Hydrogen, carbon, methane. alcohol, propene, etc.

Uses: If we are in kitchen and if LPG cylinder gas started leakage then we can detect that with the help of smoke sensor(MQ2).


This sensor is mostly used for the safety.

Ultrasonic sensor:

This sensor is used for the two purpose.

  1. For measure distance of any object
  2. to detect position of any objectUltrasonic-sensor-in-hindi

Ultrasonic-sensor is mostly used for measure distance.

This sensor have mainly two part:

  1. Transmitter
  2. receiver


Working of Ultrasonic-sensor

First transmitter send ultrasonic frequency. After that it start count time. Mean its count that how much taken for returning ultrasonic frequency after incident on object and come back.

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